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Singing their way back to London

The year is 1614 and the First London Choir finds itself in Paris. Mere hours before they need to board the ship that will bring them home, they are robbed of all their money. The choir tries to solve their problem the only way they know how: by singing their hearts out.

Can you conduct the choir to collect enough money in time before the ship leaves and you are stranded in Paris?

Godot Wild Jam

This game was created during the Godot Wild Jam #16 under the theme Short on Time.

Written with delight in the Godot engine (v3.2 - beta 3).



Linux - 32 bits 59 MB
Linux - 64 bits 59 MB
Windows - 32 bits 57 MB
Windows - 64 bits 58 MB
Mac OS X 60 MB
Mac OS X - Songs Embedded 64 MB


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this game is so ambitious grate job , love the concept !!! truly original!

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

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The game crashes when I try to walk to the first destination. I'm on MacOS.


I was afraid for that. The game needs the "songs" folder to be in its install/run location. I do not know how this works on Mac. I have added another mac version with the songs embedded in the package. That hopefully works, however you will not be able to add your own songs :)

I redownloaded the latest version and the problem is still happening. Maybe it's something Godot-related. I took a look over the crash report and it seems to be connected to a memory allocation issue.