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A bed time story

After a long night, Melvin the vampire returns home, dead tired to go to sleep in his coffin in the cellar. Unfortunately the vampire killers living in the very same house are up as well.

Godot Wild Jam

This game was created during the Godot Wild Jam #14 under the theme Shadows. They are our friends.

Written with delight in the Godot engine (v3.1.1.stable.official).

Disclaimer: Learning blender and 3D in Godot was taking a lot of time in this jam period - the game is not very polished. But, still fun!


Music from the YouTube Audio Library:

  • From Russia With Love by Huma-Huma
  • Orison by Dan Bodan
  • Quiet by Audionautix

Some sound effects from zapsplat.com.

Image from pixabay.com.


Windows 32 MB
Linux 34 MB
Mac OS 35 MB

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