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Blend in and don't act suspicious

This may be the FBI's only chance to get close to the notorious criminal McFill. But to do so, they need to infiltrate into his theater. They are sending in their best of the best: agent 1-OK-46. Can you avoid detection and bring Italian opera back to the town of Eville?

Tip: Have a look into the options menu if the game is too challenging.

Godot Wild Jam

This game was created during the Godot Wild Jam #13 under the theme Merge, which we here interpret as "blending into something else so as to become indistinguishable from it".

Written with delight in the Godot engine (v3.1.1.stable.official).


Install instructions

This game requires sound to play.

Note: The game has only been tested under Windows and Linux. If you are able to test the game successfully on Mac OSX, please write so in the comment section below.

Linux: Make the program executable, then run it:

$ chmod +x undercover_dancer.x86_64
$ ./undercover_dancer.x86_64


Windows (64 bit) 31 MB
Windows (32 bit) 30 MB
Linux / X11 (64 bit) 32 MB
Mac OSX 33 MB

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